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Nickolas J Grim

Nickolas J. Grim has been a Hydrologic Technician with the Hydrologic Surveillance Program at the Pennsylvania Water Science Center since January 2017.  He serves as a Lead Hydrologic Technician for Instrumentation for surface water and water quality for the Center.

As a Hydrologic Technician with the Hydrologic Surveillance Program at the Pennsylvania Water Science Center, Nickolas J. Grim has been responsible for the following tasks:

  • Measure Surface Water Discharge by means of wading, conventional bridge crane and ADCP’s
  • Program and maintain Data Collection Platforms and Satellite Telemetry instrumentation at gaging stations
  • Regularly analyze and approve continuous stage-discharge, reservoir elevation, groundwater elevation & water quality records
  • Install, maintain & improve Gage Infrastructure
  • Perform groundwater elevation measurements
  • Maintain gage datums by routinely surveying station levels
  • Service and maintain Multiple Parameter Continuous Water Quality Data Sondes
  • Service CSGs & flag high water marks and document their reliability to aid in peak verification
  • Calibrate and maintain climatological instrumentation including Precipitation Gages and Air Temperature thermistors. 

Prior to joining the USGS, Nickolas J. Grim was an Environmental Scientist for Triad Engineering Inc. from February 2013 to January 2017, where he performed tasks including: 

  • Project Management: including proposal preparation, client relations, coordination with state regulators and subcontractors, completion of field work, evaluation of analytical results, preparation and delivery of summary reports and project invoicing
  • Performed Stream Discharge Monitoring and Sampling for NPDES Compliance
  • Performed groundwater Slug Tests, Infiltration Tests, Step Tests, and 72-hour Pump Tests
  • Installed and maintained Dual Phase Extraction Remediation Systems & Ferret® In-Well Separators
  • Performed Groundwater, Drinking Water, Soil, and Air Sampling
  • Conducted Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Tank Excavation Assessments, Remedial Excavations, and Test Pit Excavations
  • Logged Air Rotary, Geoprobe, and Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
  • Created Site Diagrams, Groundwater Contour Maps, and Fence Diagrams via AutoCAD


Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Geoenvironmental Studies and GIS certificate from Shippensburg University


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