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Patricia A Solberg

Trisha is a Supervisory Hydrologic Technician with the Colorado Water Science Center, Western Colorado Office in Grand Junction, CO, specializing in water quality.

Trisha began her USGS career in the Grand Junction office in 1995. She worked for many years as a multi-disciplined hydrologic technician, measuring streamflow, collecting water-quality samples, and servicing continuous water-quality sondes throughout western Colorado. Her passion for water-quality has driven her career path. From 2008 to 2012, she had the opportunity to serve on the Central Region Advisory data committee (aka CRACD). The highlight of this commitment was being part of the team to organize the 1st multi-disciplined Data Conference in Omaha, NE, in 2012, expanding the agenda to include water-quality, groundwater, and database manager tracks. She filled a part-time Water-Quality Specialist position in the Colorado Water Science Center for over a decade. Since 2015, she supervises a team of hydrologic technicians that are responsible for collecting ~350 samples annually and operate and maintain ~50 continuous water quality sondes. Although Trisha has been based in the Grand Junction office her entire career, she has led and participated in trainings and national reviews throughout the United States, networking with a variety of USGS personnel.  A career in water resources focused on the Colorado River watershed continues to be a rewarding choice.


Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, 2005. Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction

  • Associates of Applied Science, Water Resources, 1995. Spokane Community College, Spokane WA

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