Robert M Callaghan

Specialist in information on mineral commodities and associated statistics at the State level.


In my role at the U.S. Geological Survey National Minerals Information Center, as one of two State mineral specialists, I write Volume II Minerals Yearbook reports annually for about half the States. I have been with the Center for more than 15 years and in my role maintaining the Center's web site have become familiar with publications from the different components of the center including the Mineral Commodity Section, the Global Minerals Analysis Group, and the Materials Flow group. As such, I have become expert at pointing people to the right publications to answer questions or get data about mineral commodities. I maintain the Center's list service, to which people can subscribe to get alerts about new Mineral Industry Surveys reports, Minerals Yearbook reports, or other special publications. While my work in the State Minerals Program writing Volume II reports covers all mineral commodities in a general way, I also specialize in cadmium to write that report annually for the Minerals Yearbook Volume I.