Scott J Chiavacci


Scott is an ecologist with the Science and Decisions Center (SDC;  He is involved in a diverse set of interdisciplenary projects with researchers and professionals from within and outside the USGS.  Scott's current work includes topics such as biodiversity and habitat markets, ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels, value of USGS science products, and tracking elevation data products for the National Geospatial Program.  Scott's overall mission is to provide information to decision makers and others that facilitates the conservation and management of natural resources as well as the dissemination of data and science products.

Prior to joining the USGS, Scott was a researcher with the Illinois Natural History Survey and University of Illinois where he led and collaborated on studies involving behavior, physiology, reproduction, predation, diet, and habitat selection in birds, snakes, mammals, and insects as well as factors impacting freshwater mussels of conservation concern.  


2016, Ph.D., Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2010, M.S., Biology, Arkansas State University

2007, B.S., Wildlife & Fisheries Science, The Pennsylvania State University