Scott Morlock



Scott is Regional Director for the USGS Midcontinent Region, which encompasses Unified Interior Regions 3, Great Lakes, and Region 5. Scott leads a multi-disciplinary and geographically dispersed organization comprised of six USGS Water Science Centers and five Ecosystems Science Centers across eleven states, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. Scott represents USGS on the Unified Interior Region 3 and 5 Executive Field Teams.

Career History and Highlights

Scott started his professional career as a Hydraulic Engineer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in 1988. He began his USGS career in 1991 as a Hydrologist with what was then the USGS Indiana District Office. Early in his career, Scott’s focus was on the integration of new hydro-acoustic technologies into USGS water monitoring programs. He moved into supervision and leadership in 2003 as a Supervisory Hydrologist, followed by accepting a position as a Deputy Director within the USGS Indiana-Kentucky Water Science Center. Scott joined the former USGS Midwest Region team in 2014 as a Science Coordinator, later serving as Deputy Regional Director for Science.

Scott has done varied details including Acting Center Director of the National Wildlife Health Center, Program Manager for the Water Mission Area’s Water Prediction Work Program, and Acting Regional Director. In his Acting Regional Director role, he led the transition of the former Midwest Region to Region 3/5 during the Bureau regional realignment. Scott has participated in many USGS Bureau-level activities during his career and is an author or co-author of thirteen USGS publications.


Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Indiana Institute of Technology.