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Scott Whiteman

Aroscott (Scott) began working with the USGS as a student in 2003 and is currently the Data Operations Section Chief.

Current work with Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center:

  • Serves as one of the Hydroacoustic Specialists for the USGS WY-MT WSC
  • Collaborates with and assists the WT-MT WSC Director (Field Representative to the US Accredited Officer in the conduct of water resources investigations in Montana and adjacent Canadian provinces as required by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909
  • Maintains good communication with Canadian Officials to ensure arrangements for joint field work and exchange of data are completed
  • Maintains good communication with Field Office Chiefs to ensure international field work and exchange of data are completed
  • Provides review of natural flow calculations and other matters of apportionment
  • Oversees flow apportionment and adherence of water quality objectives of the East Poplar River
  • Provides all interested parties with interim flow apportionment data
  • Prepares formal annual reports to the governments concerning flow apportionment of the following international waterways: St. Mary River, Milk River, Eastern Tributaries of the Milk River, and Poplar River
  • Maintains and updates the "Procedures for the Division of the Waters of the St. Mary and Milk Rivers" manual on a current basis for both Canada and the United States
  • Prepares semi-annual report from the USGS to the International Joint Commission
  • Prepares annual budget, in collaboration with the Data Chief, for international flow apportionment activities and interacts with the Office of Surface Water to resolve differences between funding and program costs
  • Participates as an active member of the St. Mary-Milk Rivers Technical Working Group, a group composed of Federal (United States and Canada), Provincial, and State agencies involved with international flow apportionment
  • Member of the Poplar River Bilateral Monitoring Committee
  • Participates as an active member of the East Poplar River Water-Quality Work Group
  • Serves as Surface-Water Review team member
  • Published Scientific Investigations Report, Travel times, streamflow velocities, and dispersion rates in the Missouri River upstream from Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana
  • Collects and processes streamflow data as it pertains to the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909
  • Performs field duties as funded and directed by the International Joint Commission
  • Installs, adjusts, inspects, and services crest-stage indicators, and other instruments for the collection of ground and surface water data
  • Checks gage settings to ensure continuing accuracy of the data obtained from digital collection platforms
  • Parts per Billion Surface Water Water-Quality sampling and processing for chemical analysis
  • Collection of field parameters
  • Operation and maintenance of continuous water-quality monitors
  • Measurement of stream discharge with various devices such as ADCP, other velocity current meters
  • Stage-discharge rating development
  • Gage construction and maintenance
  • Surface-water records computation, check, and review on continuous 6-8 week basis
  • SEE D7

Education and Certifications

  • B.S.,Chemistry, Montana State University-Billings, 2005, Magna Cum Laude

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