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Sean K Ericson


My role as Emergency Management Preparedness Coordinator reflects my commitment to leveraging scientific expertise for the benefit of public safety and national resilience.

USGS Emergency Management has an overarching goal of organizational and staff preparedness to continue science and science support activities during incidents and emergencies. Through comprehensive policy, training, exercising, practice, and operational posture that readies staff and external stakeholders, Emergency Management complements other USGS offices and programs to keep our employees and the public safe.

With a proven track record of leadership in crisis situations, I am driven by a passion for safeguarding lives and property through proactive and strategic emergency management. My dedication extends beyond the office, as I actively engage with communities to raise awareness about emergency preparedness, providing valuable resources and educational. I stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field, integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance early warning systems and response strategies.

Before joining the USGS, I was a retired Air Force Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman with over 15 years experience on F-15, F-16, A-10, U-2S and HH-60G aircraft, and 6 years experience a military training instructor training aircraft maintenance, flightline safety and first aid/survival classes as the mission changed. I have played a pivotal role in designing and conducting emergency/disaster preparedness drills and simulations, equipping teams to respond effectively to a range of natural or manmade disasters.