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Image: Lateral Compression
October 17, 1989

Lateral Compression

Drain grating shows the effects of lateral compression.

Image: Roadcut near Summit Road
October 17, 1989

Roadcut near Summit Road

This roadcut near Summit Road failed during the initial earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. To mitigate further sliding, Caltrans decreased the slope angle.

Image: Vent of Sand Volcano
October 17, 1989

Vent of Sand Volcano

Vent of sand volcano produced by liquefaction is about 4 ft across in strawberry field near Watsonville. Strip spanning vent is conduit for drip irrigation system. Furrow spacing is about 1.2 m (4 ft) on center.

Image: Crushed Car
October 17, 1989

Crushed Car

Crushed car near the intersection of Fifth and Townsend Streets, South of Market.

Image: Differential Settlement
October 17, 1989

Differential Settlement

Differential settlement due to liquefaction caused cracking of paved road on Pauls Island.

Image: Cypress Viaduct
October 17, 1989

Cypress Viaduct

Side view of support-column failure and collapsed upper deck, Cypress viaduct.

Image: Radio Transmission Towers
October 17, 1989

Radio Transmission Towers

KGO radio transmission towers.

Image: Buckled Sidewalk
October 17, 1989

Buckled Sidewalk

Downtown sidewalk buckled due to compression.

Image: Damaged Lane Separators
October 17, 1989

Damaged Lane Separators

Damaged lane separators, Highway 17.

Image: Liquefaction in Deposits of River
October 17, 1989

Liquefaction in Deposits of River

Liquefaction in recent deposits of the Pajaro River formed sand volcanoes along a fissure 6-7 m (19.7-23 ft) long. Variation in grain size and partial erosion of the conical deposits of sand show that venting of the slurry of sand and water was a complex series of depositional and erosional events triggered by the main shock and renewed in some instances by principal

Image: Aerial View of Collapsed Buildings
October 17, 1989

Aerial View of Collapsed Buildings

Aerial view of collapsed buildings and burned-out section at Beach and Divisadero Streets, Marina District, California.

Image: Damaged Buildings
October 17, 1989

Damaged Buildings

Partially razed earthquake-damaged unreinforced-masonry buildings in Old Town historical district, City of Salinas.