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July 26, 2022

What does the tool do?

graphic icon for mdToolkit

mdToolkit is a suite of metadata tools that enable scientists in the authoring of metadata according to the ISO 19115+ standard and assist organizations in transitioning from the deprecated CSDGM standard to the more robust and modern ISO standards.

mdToolkit consists of a user editor interface (mdEditor), a content schema (mdJSON) and a universal metadata translator (mdTranslator)


Who is the audience for this tool?

The primary audience for mdToolkit is scientists, data managers and data scientists who author metadata to describe scientific data they produce, as well as related products, such as projects, collections and models. Data managers and data scientists who are responsible for developing and administering metadata content standards for their programs or centers to guide authors and standardize content may also find this tool useful, as well as developers who work on organizational tool integration and content scripting.


How do I get Started?

Graphical representation of workflow for mdToolkit