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Geology and History

Future Eruptions Around Craters of the Moon Lava Field 

Craters of the Moon Volcanic Field Landsat Image
Craters of the Moon, Idaho, Landsat 7 true-color image viewed from the east. Pioneer Mountain Range along the western border. Image created by NASA EArth Observatory. (Public Domain) 

The Craters of the Moon volcanic field will erupt again, probably within the next few centuries if the recurrence interval of about 2,000 years is sustained. It is likely that the eruption will last several years or decades and possibly several centuries. The volcanic field is a volume predictable system, meaning that the volume of lava erupted is a function of the time elapsed since the last previous eruption. Therefore, the next eruption will probably produce about 5 km3 (1.5 mi3) of basaltic lava flows on the basis of the past volumetric eruption rate.