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Archive of Completed USGS Information Quality Requests and USGS Responses

The table below shows documentation related to information correction requests received under the USGS Information Quality Guidelines for which the final USGS responses are complete. For links to Web pages for open (pending) correction requests refer to the USGS Guidelines.

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Fiscal Year Subject
2004 No requests received.
2005 No requests received.
2006 No requests received.
2007 » Concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Major and Trace Elements in Simulated Rainfall Runoff From Parking Lots, Austin, Texas, 2003
2008 » Miami-Dade County, Florida Northwest Wellfield Study
» What Parts of the United States Mainland are Climatically Suitable for Invasive Alien Pythons Spreading from Everglades National Park?
2009 » The Challenges of Linking Carbon Emissions, Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Concentrations, Global Warming, and Consequential Impacts
2010 » Giant Constrictors: Biological and Management Profiles and an Establishment Risk Assessment for Nine Large Species of Pythons, Anacondas, and the Boa Constrictor
2011 No requests received.
2012 » Concentrations, Loads, and Sources of Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Neponset River and Neponset River Estuary, Eastern Massachusetts
2013 » Cancer Risk from Incidental Ingestion Exposures to PAHs Associated with Coal-Tar-Sealed Pavement
» Modeling ecological minimum requirements for distribution of greater sage-grouse leks: implications for population connectivity across their western range, U.S.A.
» Waitsfield Quadrangle, Vermont-Washington County, 7.5-Minute Series Map
» Coal Tar Sealants Largest Source of PAHs in Lakes
» Three USGS Publications About Water Resources in Northeast Florida
2014 No requests received.
2015 » Conservation Buffer Distance Estimates for Greater Sage-Grouse—A Review
» Greater Sage-Grouse: Ecology and Conservation of a Landscape Species and its Habitats
» Coal Tar Sealant Topic (Third Inquiry)
2016 » Peak Streamflow for Pennsylvania, USGS 01576500 Conestoga River at Lancaster, PA (Water Year 1972)
» Median Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater in the New Jersey Highlands Region Estimated Using Regression Models and Land-Surface Characteristics
» 7.5-Minute Series Maps: North Crossett, AR; South Crossett, AR-LA; and Felsenthal Dam, AR-LA
2017 No requests received.
2018 » USGS Research: PAHs and Coal-Tar-Based Pavement Sealcoat Publications


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