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USGS Denali Supercomputer

Denali is one of the USGS's supercomputers installed and housed at the EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Designed for large scale simulations and analytics, Denali has the same environment as many of the largest supercomputers (just smaller node count).

Workloads include:

  • Large scale simulations and models
  • Large scale inversions, analytics
  • Massive Machine Learning inference runs
Denali, showing a landscape of hills, forests and a huge, snowy mountain, is North America's tallest mountain, at 20,310 feet.
Credit: National Park Service. (Public domain.)

Denali Specifications:

  • 232 compute nodes
  • 9280 CPU cores
  • 18,560 Hyperthreads
  • 2 x 18 Core Intel Broadwell 6148 2.1Ghz CPUs
  • 10Gbps ethernet adapter
  • 85 Gb/s Aries high speed network 
  • 48TB Usable, ~46GB/s peak I/O performance available to all Denali nodes

Suggested Citation:

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