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USGS Hovenweep Supercomputer

Hovenweep is a USGS on-premises supercomputer housed at the EROS Datacenter in Sioux Falls, SD. It is the newest system in our research computing portfolio and is a Cray machine built using the HPE Apollo 2000 Gen 10 platform.

Hovenweep has replaced Yeti and serves as the workhorse supercomputer for general-purpose HPC workloads.


Hovenweep Specifications:

Two men look at a large supercomputer in a bright room
Phill Orlick (left) and Jeff Falgout, both of the USGS, look at the Hovenweep supercomputer recently installed at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center. 
  • 18,544 core HPE Apollo 2000 Gen 10 machine
  • ~590 Tflop/s estimated peak High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark for total system (CPU only)
    • Additional 77 Tflop/s FP64/Double Precision through GPUs
    • Denali 440 Tflop/s, Yeti 110 Tflop/s
  • 18,432 total CPU core count across CPU only nodes
    • 36,864 total threads
  • HDR Infiniband internal high-speed network
    • 200 Gbps backbone
    • 100 Gbps to nodes
  • Dual Login Nodes​

  • ​Dual Data Transfer Nodes​

  • ​Clustered management nodes​

Hovenweep has 6.3 PB total usable disk storage capacity.

Suggested Citation: 

If you use publish results obtained from using Hovenweep please cite the following in your publications:

Falgout, Jeff T, Janice Gordon, Lopaka Lee, Brad Williams, USGS Advanced Research Computing, USGS Hovenweep Supercomputer: U.S. Geological Survey,