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USGS Tallgrass Supercomputer

Tallgrass is a Cray Urika-CS prototype system designed for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics workloads. Tallgrass is equipped with both the hardware and software to address modern AI, deep learning and machine learning demands.

Sunset falls across beautiful Flint Hills as shadows cascade across the differential erosion terraces formed millions of years
Credit: National Park Service. (Public domain.)

Tallgrass Specifications

  • 792 CPU cores
  • 122,880 CUDA cores
  • 15,360 Tensor cores
  • 100 Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Network
  • Theoretical Peak Performance:
    • 187.2 Tflop/s GPUs
    • 3000.0 Tflop/s Tensor
    • ~49 Tflop/s CPUs
    • ~236.2 Tflop/s total (CPU and GPU combined)

Tallgrass was designed around data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning applications, to enable analysis of large volumes of data.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning focused machine

  • Architected to speed up AI/ML/DL model training and inference
  • Jointly funded by CSS (SAS) and OEI

Wanted to be able to use Tallgrass to answer:

  • How can AI/ML/DL methods be effective for science?
  • What specific architectures will be optimal to support deep learning and machine learning?
  • What will our future AI and analytics workloads look like?
  • Will specialized architectures for AI be needed on future machines?

Suggested Citation:

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