Astrogeology team finalizes work on MER mission

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Spirit and Opportunity will be sorely missed.


Astrogeology MER team dines our and share memories of MER mission

Dr. Ken Herkenhoff, farthest back, treats the entire MER team to lunch in celebration of completeing the final work needed to close out the mission, and to share precious memories of the wonderful times we had together. Photo credit: Lottie Herkenhoff

Left to right: Robert Sucharki, Lisa Gaddis, Lauren Edgar, Alicia Vaughan, Janet Richie, Ella Lee, Bonnie Redding, Larry Soderblom, Annette Sunda, Paul Giessler, Jim Torson, and John Shinaman.

Although the end of the Opportunity mission was declared months ago, the USGS Mars Exploration Rover (MER) team still had a lot of work to do to finalize and document the Microscopic Imager (MI) data archive.  In collaboration with MER team members around the world, we verified the names of features and targets observed by the arm instruments and updated tables summarizing the MI observations.  We also reprocessed many MI images using updated calibration parameters and delivered them to NASA's Planetary Data System.  These tables and products will be useful to future researchers and available to the public.  To celebrate the completion of these important tasks and the role USGS Astrogeology played in the MER missions, we went out to lunch at a local restaurant and shared many great memories.

By Dr. Ken Herkenhoff