Big Bend Coastal Mapping Prioritization Workshop in Cedar Key, Florida

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The USGS, FWRI, and FIO, as part of the Florida Coastal Mapping Program (FCMaP), are leading a coastal and seafloor mapping prioritization workshop on Sept. 7, 2018, with stakeholders from 20 different Federal, State, County, and academic entities. The group will utilize a new tool developed by NOAA and FWRI to indicate which areas of the seabed, from the shore to the shelf edge, are most important for high resolution elevation data collection.

The different entities participating will populate the tool and the results will be analyzed for spatial and temporal priorities. Cheryl Hapke (Research Geologist), Jim Flocks (Research Geologist), and Kathryn Smith (Ecologist) from the SPCMSC will attend in person, and Xan Fredericks (Cartographer/Lidar Coordinator) will attend via webinar. The workshop is the first of 6 regional workshops that will be held around the State of Florida as part of the FCMaP strategy for facilitating the collection of modern high-resolution elevation information for all of Florida’s coastal waters in the next decade. The series of workshops were formulated during a stakeholder workshop in January, 2018, during which an existing data inventory and gap analysis were presented. The stakeholder group indicated that the Big Bend Region was a high-priority area due to the paucity of high-resolution bathymetry for the area.