CASC Presentations at the 2019 NAF Meeting

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Are you attending the National Adaptation Forum (NAF) this spring in Wisconsin? Don't miss these presentations from staff and partners from across the CASC network!

This year, from April 23—25, 2019, the climate adaptation community will gather in Madison, Wisconsin to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation and mutual support for a better tomorrow” at the National Adaptation Forum (NAF). Don’t miss these presentations, sessions, and posters authored and organized by staff and partners from across our Climate Adaptation Science Center network! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The purple-tinted Black River Delta surrounded by lush green forest from a bird's eye view.

Black River Delta, Wisconsin (Public domain)

Advances in understanding adaptive capacity -- An introduction (Presentation; Hall of Ideas H)
Presenter: Bruce Stein, Southeast CASC Project PI, National Wildlife Federation
Tuesday, April 23; 11am—12:30pm

Advances in Understanding and Applying Adaptive Capacity to Improve Adaptation Outcomes (Symposium; Hall of Ideas H)
Presenters: Bruce Stein, National Wildlife Federation; Lindsey Thurman, U.S. Geological Survey NOROCK; Christopher Hoving, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State University; Laura Thompson, U.S. Geological Survey
Tuesday, April 23; 11am—12:30pm

Finding and managing hydrologic refugia as drought patterns change (Symposium; Madison Ballroom C, Concurrent Session 2)
Presenter: Jennifer Cartwright, Northwest CASC Project PI 
Tuesday, April 23; 2pm—3:30pm

Introduction to Indigenous Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning (Symposium; Hall of Ideas I, Concurrent Session 2, Indigenuity Session 1)
Presenter: Chas Jones, Northwest CASC Tribal Liaison
Tuesday, April 23; 2pm—3:30pm

Success stories of on-the-ground climate change refugia conservation (Presentation; Madison Ballroom C)
Presenter: Toni Lyn Morelli, Northeast CASC Research Ecologist
Tuesday, April 23; 2pm—330pm

Adapting to wildfire in non-fire adapted forest systems (Symposium; Madison Ballroom C, Concurrent Session 1)
Presenter: Crystal Raymond, Northwest Climate Adaptation Center Project PI, Climate Impacts Group
Tuesday, April 23; 5:30—8:30pm

Knowledge Co-production Helps a National Assessment to have Local Relevance in the Pacific Islands (Poster; Mezzanine Community Terrace)
Presenter: Zena Grecni, Pacific Islands CASC Sustained Climate Assessment Specialist, East-West Center & Pacific RISA
Tuesday, April 23; 5:30pm—8:30pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sailing the Resilience Seas – Hands-on Training with New Tools for Every Step of the Resilience Journey (Training; Hall of Ideas F, Indigenuity Session 3)
Leader: Meade Krosby, Northwest CASC Project PI
Wednesday, April 24; 8am—10:30am

Where, when, how, and what? Linking the science of ecological transformation to adaptation (Symposium; Hall of Ideas E)
Presenters: Shelley Crausbay, North Central CASC Project PI, Conservation Science Partners; Steve Carpenter, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Bradford, U.S. Geological Survey Southwest Biological Science Center; Brandon Bestelmeyer, USDA Agricultural Resource Service; Karen Prentice, U.S. Bureau of Land Management; Robin O'Malley, North Central CASC Co-organizer; Steve Jackson, North Central CASC Co-organizer
Wednesday, April 24; 11am—12pm

A Decision Support Framework for Integrating Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation into Natural Resource Planning (Symposium; Hall of Ideas J, Concurrent Session 4)
Presenters: Jessi Kershner, EcoAdapt Senior Scientist; Andrea Woodward, U.S. Geological Survey; Alicia Torregrosa, U.S. Geological Survey
Wednesday, April 24; 11am—12:30pm

Fourth National Climate Assessment: Hawai‘i and Pacific Islands (Poster; Madison Ballroom C)
Presenter: Zena Grecni, Pacific Islands CASC Sustained Climate Assessment Specialist, East-West Center & Pacific RISA
Wednesday, April 24; 11am—12:30pm

Beyond the Literature Review: Putting Climate Adaptation Syntheses to Work for Managers (Madison Ballroom C; Lunch Session)
Presenters: Nicole DeCrappeo, Northwest CASC; Amy Snover, Northwest CASC, UW Climate Impacts Group; Rachel Gregg, EcoAdapt
Wednesday, April 24; 12:45pm—1:45pm

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Planning for the Future: Best Practices for Using Climate Projections in Adaptation Planning (Working Group; Madison Ballroom D)
Leaders: Derek Rosendahl, South Central CASC Postdoc, University of Oklahoma; Emma Kuster, South Central CASC Program Coordinator, University of Oklahoma; Renee McPherson, South Central CASC University Director, University of Oklahoma; Adrienne Wootten, South Central CASC Postdoc, University of Oklahoma
Thursday, April 25; 8am—10:30am

Assessment of Sea Level Rise Exposure in Hawaiʻi and Adaptation Responses of Honolulu (Presentation; Meeting Rooms KLOP)
Presenter: Zena Grecni, Pacific Islands CASC Sustained Climate Assessment Specialist, East-West Center & Pacific RISA
Thursday April 25; 11am—12:30pm

Collaborative Climate Adaptation Planning: Next Steps for Indigenous Training, Policy and Programming (Working Group; Hall of Ideas J)
Leader: Malinda Chase, Alaska CASC & Aleutian Pribilof Island Association Tribal Liaison
Thursday, April 25; 11am—12:30pm

Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in Implementing the National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy (Presentation; Madison Ballroom D)
Presenter: Bruce Stein, Southeast CASC Project PI, National Wildlife Federation
Thursday, April 25; 11am—12:30pm

The Hawai'i Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report (Presentation; Meeting Rooms KLOP)
Presenter: Brad Romine, Pacific Islands CASC University Deputy Director, University of Hawai'i Sea Grant and Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center
Thursday, April 25; 11am—12:30pm

Adaptation under Uncertainty: Advances in Scenario Planning for Adaptation Professionals (Working Group; Madison Ballroom A)
Leaders: Brian Miller, North Central CASC; Carolyn Enquist, Southwest CASC; Toni Lyn Morelli, Northeast CASC; Imtiaz Rangwala, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder
Thursday, April 25; 12:40pm—1:40pm

How are we Adapting to Coastal Threats? Emerging Management Approaches to Support Coastal Resilience (Symposium; Hall of Ideas F)
Presenters: Michelle Staudinger, Northeast CASC; Emily Powell, Northeast CASC fellow (past); Steven Colbert, Pacific Islands CASC; Michael Langston, South Central CASC; Victor Rivera-Monro, South Central CASC; Mitch Eaton, Southeast CASC; Rick Bennet, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Thursday, April 25; 12:40pm—1:40pm

Collaboration across worldviews: Managers and scientists in Hawaiʻi adapt to climate change through knowledge co-production (Presentation / Co-hosting Session; Hall of Ideas F)
Presenter: Scott Laursen, Pacific Islands CASC Project Specialist, University of Hawai’i at Hilo
Thursday, April 25; 2pm—3:30pm

Collaboration and Adaptation Across Worldviews: case studies in co-producing and implementing science for management (Session; Hall of Ideas F)
Leaders: Aparna Bamzai, North Central CASC; Aranzazu Lascurain, Southeast CASC; Scott Laursen, Pacific Islands CASC; Amy Snover, Northwest CASC; Tamara Wall, Southwest CASC; Renee McPherson, South Central CASC
Thursday, April 25; 2pm—3:30pm

Collecting Stories from the Caribbean: The power of story, legacies for the future, and developing manager-driven science priorities (Presentation; Hall of Ideas F)
Presenter: Aranzazu Lascurain, Southeast CASC Assistant University Director
Thursday, April 25; 2pm—3:30pm

Expressions of Native American cultural heritage in response to changes in environmental setting (Presentation; Hall of Ideas J, Concurrent session 8)
Presenters: Gus Bisbal, National CASC Federal Scientist; Chas Jones, Northwest CASC & Associated Tribes of Northwest Indians Tribal Liaison
Thursday, April 25; 2pm—3:30pm