Mapping Challenge Update (03/23/2020): City / Town Hall Structures in AR

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This challenge is close to being finished! However, there are still some points that have yet to be added. 

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Even though it may appear as if this challenge is complete, there are still several points to be added.  We determined this by performing a quick overlay between City / Town Hall points and's Incorporated Places dataset and then filtering out communities whose population is less than 500.  The results of this analysis are displayed on the image below: 

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in AR (w/ Incorporated Pl)

(Public domain.)

NOTE that this does not mean every entry in this table is missing a point.  This is just a quick analysis that uses a community's municipal status and population size to help identify which communities are likely to have a designated city hall.  Volunteers should use this list along with the Arkansas Municipal League's search functions to research each community and determine whether a city hall actually exists.