Mapping Challenge Update (04/16/2020): City / Town Hall Structures in GA & SC

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This challenge is nearing completion!  However, there are still a few points that have yet to be collected.  See our spatial overlay analysis for tips on which communities remain. 

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To help with the remaining points, we performed a spatial overlay between city / town halls that have been collected to date and US Census's Incorporated Places layer.  This image below shows incorporated places with a population greater than 1,000 that do not yet have a city / town hall point within their boundaries.  NOTE that this does not mean every one of these communities is missing a point.  It is possible that some of these communities do not have a building that fits our definition of a city / town hall while others may have already been collected but their city / town hall falls outside of their corporate boundary.  That's where our marvelous volunteers come into play by researching each of these communities and determining if a city / town hall exists!

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in GA & SC (w/ IncorporatedPl)

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Incorporated Places in GA & SC with a population greater than 1,000 that do not yet have a city / town hall within their corporate boundaries. 

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