Mapping Challenge Update (10/31/19): Cemeteries in Calhoun, Jackson, and Kalamazoo Counties, MI

Release Date:

Trick-or-Treat! Calling all Standard Editors, Peer Reviewers, and Advanced Editors! We need your help reviewing cemeteries!

There are several edited (green) cemeteries that we need our Peer Reviewers and Advanced Editors to help us confirm. There's also a handful of unedited (red) cemeteries that our Standard Editors can help with. And don't forget about adding cemeteries that are not yet in the editor. If you know of a cemetery that doesn't have a point yet, feel free to add it.  Just be sure to thoroughly search the editor and make sure a point for it doesn't already exist before doing so.

So once you've completed your trick-or-treat rounds, grab a handful of Halloween candy or even a bowl of candy corn (yum!) and cozy up by the fire place while helping us to confirm these points!

Reach out to us at with questions.  Thanks for all you do, and happy mapping!

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