Before the Moon Landing: Astronaut Training in Flagstaff

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Lunar Legacy Celebration: Great information upcoming on CBS!

Did you know every Astronaut that walked on the Moon trained in Flagstaff?

You won’t want to miss the national story airing on CBS This Morning: Saturday, May 11, 2019 (AZ 5a-7a/EST 8a-10a ), featuring Flagstaff interviews and videography highlighting the city’s scientific role in the Apollo missions. As we approach July 20, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon, USGS Astrogeology is excited to share the history of how we helped make the Apollo program a success.

Astronaut Training in Flagstaff

USGS Field Test Support Unit at Cinder Lake Crater Field east of Flagstaff, December 1968.