NEW Lightning Challenge: Cemeteries in Calhoun, Jackson, and Kalamazoo Counties, MI

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Here is a “spooktacular” challenge just in time for Halloween!  This challenge will focus on cemeteries in the Michigan counties of Calhoun, Jackson, and Kalamazoo.

As you can see from the map, there are plenty of unedited (red) cemeteries that need editing.

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Cemeteries in Calhoun, Jackson, and Kalamazoo Counties, MI

(Public domain.)

Tiered Editing

A reminder that TNMCorps uses a tiered editing process, so you may come across points with different border colors throughout the challenge.  See the article titled Editor Roles and Point Colors in our November 2018 newsletter for more on this process.

TNMCorps Point Border Colors

(Public domain.)

Tips and Tricks for Editing Cemeteries 

The primary changes that we ask our volunteers to look for when editing cemeteries are: 

  1. Does the cemetery have the correct name?
  2. Is the point in the correct location?


Confirm Names with Authoritative Sources


Proper Point Placement


What if I can’t locate an existing cemetery? 

  • Can’t locate an existing cemetery? Think twice before deleting it!  Many times older cemeteries exist in forests or overgrown brush and are difficult to spot in aerial photography.  


What about Addresses?

Addresses are an optional field for all of our points, especially cemeteries.  If a street address exists, we encourage volunteers to add this information. However, many cemeteries do not have an exact street address.  In these scenarios, entering cross streets or the closest street or road name is acceptable.  


Are the other mapping challenges still open?

Yes, our mapping challenges for Schools in Wayne Co, MI and City / Town Halls in OH and WV are still open as of this post.  Feel free to participate in either challenge, and check back frequently for updates on each.