North Central CASC Welcomes Their First Cohort of Graduate Students to Tribal Climate Leaders Program

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Five graduate students have been named to the North Central CASC’s inaugural cohort to the Tribal Climate Leaders Program (TCLP).

Wilderness area located in Colorado

Wilderness area located in Colorado. Credit: John Todesco.

(Public domain.)

Read the original announcement posted by the North Central CASC here.

The North Central CASC and partners at the University of Colorado Boulder recently established a new Tribal Climate Leaders Program (TCLP) to amplify the work of exceptional Native American graduate students who are affiliated with one of the 32 federally-recognized tribes in the North Central region and are pursuing a degree in fields related to climate adaptation science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The students in the inaugural cohort are Ida Clarke, William Crawford, Shelby Ross, Vaughn Vargas, and Colette Werk. They are pursuing degrees in a range of climate science topic areas including Environmental and Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies, and Geography, and will be advised by experienced researchers and professionals affiliated with CU Boulder.

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