Sols 2829-2830: Come to my arms my Breamish boy!

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Our weekend observations of the target Breamish showed some interesting chemistry results (which always make our scientists exclaim “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”), so the plan on Sol 2829 starts off with some follow up observations.


Curiosity Photo, Mars

Curiosity Photo, Mars. Image#NRB_648461171EDR_F0821978NCAM00320M. Photo Credit: NASA JPL/Caltech

Mastcam will take a multispectral image of Breamish, and ChemCam will analyze it a second time. Mastcam will document the repeat observation of Breamish as well as the autonomously selected ChemCam targets from the weekend. Mastcam will also take a mosaic of an interesting cross-bedded block named “Mercat Cross.”


In the afternoon of Sol 2829, we will do a short drive or “bump” to our expected drill location called “Mozie Law.” From that new location, we’ll collect the usual post drive images, including a MARDI image of the ground beneath the rover and a Mastcam “clast survey” image of the ground nearby.


On Sol 2830, ChemCam will analyze two computer-selected rock targets and Navcam will take a look at the rover deck. Mastcam will look at the sun to measure the dust in the atmosphere, and the plan will wrap up with a late afternoon ChemCam measurement of the titanium calibration target on the rover to monitor temperature-related changes in the signal.


By Ryan Anderson