What People Are Saying About PAD-US

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Quotes from users of PAD-US.

“PAD-US is the most complex, yet intelligently designed, database of its kind. Nothing else exists that aggregates data from authoritative sources as completely as PAD-US.”

Roger Johnson (National Park Service, Chief Cartographer)


“This major update to PAD-US will be a critical data source for Forest Service GIS analysts, who use it to help determine surface management jurisdiction and designations on lands outside the National Forest System boundary.”

Troy Warburton (U.S. Forest Service, Automated Lands Program)


“PAD-US 1.4 benefits the Service as we implement Strategic Habitat Conservation and work with conservation partners across the landscape.”

Ron Salz (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Chief Cartographer)


“PAD-US is a powerful tool and now has much MORE information available. Being able to use one data source that handles surface management jurisdiction and designations, and is transparent back to the original data sources, is tremendously important for the wildland fire community.”

Andrew Bailey (National Wildfire Coordinating Group)

People viewing PAD-US map

People viewing the PAD-US Land Management Map during the 2018 Esri International Users Conference. 

(Credit: Larry Orman, GreenInfo Network)