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The Data Policy for ASC staff and contractors requires that research data, computational models, software and scripts, web-based tools, and information products (collectively “data”) adhere to the following policy statements.

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The cost in effort, time, resources, and money of effective data management will ultimately be justified by the value of data and products that are shared with others. The development and maintenance of accurate data, computational models, software, and documentation are complex and nontrivial matters, and the validity of the science depends upon the documented proof that the work was done professionally. All staff and others working for, or funded by, the ASC will be required to understand the policy statement listed below, adhere to these data policies, and create a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) for each research project.

The Data Policy for ASC staff and contractors requires that research data, computational models, software and scripts, web-based tools, and information products (collectively “data”) adhere to the following policy statements:

  1. Data will comply with all Federal laws, DOI and USGS policies, directives, and standards.
  2. Data will meet the requirements of the Alaska Science Center.
  3. Data will have a designated Data Steward knowledgeable in the specific topic who is accountable and responsible for the specifications and quality of the dataset.
  4. Data will have a designated Data Manager who is accountable and responsible for its long-term safe-keeping, description, management, maintenance, and availability.
  5. Established ASC facilities are to be used whenever possible for data archive, storage, and distribution.
  6. Project data are developed and maintained in an ASC managed workspace where
    1. proactive protection from loss or corruption are provided through the use of access permission, back-ups, version control, and off-site storage,
    2. files and other documents are organized and accessible in digital or paper folders in an understandable fashion that would allow a knowledgeable peer, to
      1. continue the work with minimal startup effort in the absence of the employee, and
      2. replicate the work given the same starting material.
  7. Data are associated with up-to-date documentation, including
    1. Project Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs) that include project identity information, contacts, ASC relevance, staff roles and responsibilities, individual files and data elements, original source material, temporal and spatial extent, quality assurance and processing performed, limitations of the data, and final disposition in an archive or data repository,
    2. appropriate data flow diagrams and data models that conceptually or logically describe workflow, processes and data structures, and
    3. full provenance information that gives credit to original sources, describes how data were acquired for use, and identifies authors and actions for modifications, transformations, and improvements to the data.
  8. Data will be finalized in a way that products are
    1. documented using formal standardized metadata formats such as ISO 19115 or FGDC,
    2. provided with a valid digital object identifier (doi),
    3. undergo a review process and receive approval before archiving or release to the public,
    4. made ready to share with other ASC staff through a designated ASC repository in a timely manner, and
    5. shared with the public at large within 12 months of completion of the work or product.
  9. Data made public will
    1. use machine-readable and open formats,
    2. be published to the finest possible level of granularity practicable and permitted by law, and
    3. have open licenses that place no restrictions on copying, publishing, distributing, transmitting, adapting, or otherwise using the information for non-commercial or commercial purposes.
  10. ASC will maintain an inventory of data resources which will in turn update the USGS and DOI data inventories.
  11. ASC or other USGS organization will maintain the authoritative copy of data and metadata for which it will be responsible for all maintenance updates and distribution to other repositories.