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The USGS Astrogeology Science Center is host to the lead science component of the Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node (IMG) of the NASA Planetary Data System (PDS). A partner facility at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) provides engineering support and technical management for the IMG. The IMG is a PDS science discipline node that manages an archive of more than 1500 TB in a growing collection of image and ancillary data from more than 25 past and present planetary missions. The Node also provides to the NASA planetary science community the digital image archives, ancillary data sets, software tools, and technical expertise necessary to fully utilize the vast collection of digital planetary imagery. 

The Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node

The links provided here will take you to the many PDS IMG data products and services here at USGS and at JPL.  At USGS, the Annex of the PDS Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node serves maps, mosaics and geospatial products created by NASA-funded investigators using PDS data and images. Map-a Planet serves global and regional image mosaics created from PDS IMG images as a result of USGS cartographic research or data archiving projects. The Planetary Image Locator Tool (PILOT) allows users to access the Unified Planetary Coordinate system (UPC) database of detailed image metadata (with refined geometric pointing and positions based on ISIS camera models) to find images based on either geographic searches or more detailed imaging parameters. The Map Projection on the Web (POW) service allows users to route images found in PILOT to processing scripts using ISIS3 and to create calibrated, map-projected science products in a variety of common image formats. 

At JPL, the Data Portal links to all IMG data products organized by mission and instrument folders, and the planetary Image Atlas provides a sophisticated search tool for identifying and downloading image data based on metadata in their PDS labels. The Photojournal serves the "best-of" collection of the IMG mosaics and maps (often resulting from press-release events by missions). The Tools & Tutorials page points users to software and information developed to help with using, processing, or viewing many IMG and PDS products. The Help for Proposal Writers page provides a summary of information that has proven useful to those preparing NASA proposals for creating PDS archives. Finally, all data in the PDS, organized by science discipline and/or mission, can be found from the PDS Home page and/or the other science discipline nodes linked there. 


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