AzWSC Capabilities: Surface-Water Science

Science Center Objects

The AzWSC maintains a system of ~217 streamflow gages in Arizona, providing data and producing information about hazard, stream, and water-supply conditions. The primary clients of this data and information are local, State, Federal, and Tribal governments. The public can also access these data, including real-time streamflow alerts and reports through the USGS NWIS-Web for the Arizona Water Science Center page.

The following is a partial list of AzWSC surface-water science capabilities:

  • Flood Warning Alert Networks (including areas affected by wildfires)
  • Precipitation Gages
  • Real-Time Stream Gages
  • Flood-Frequency Estimation & Relations Analysis
  • Innovative Methods Development
  • Suspended-Sediment Measurements
  • Ecological Flow Studies
  • Hydraulic and Sediment-Transport Modeling