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Aquatic ecology scientists from the USGS California Water Science Center will be present their research at the 2024 AFS California-Nevada Chapter Meeting to be held April 9th through the 12th, in Redding, California.

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The theme for the event, "Breaching the Dam: Building Partnerships," will focus on the resilience of Native American tribes, competing interests in a water-limited environment, and of native ecosystems and fishes in the face of significant hydrologic perturbations and uncertainty.

USGS California Water Science Center presentations are as follows:

Talk: An Exploration of Multi-scale Drivers of Northern Anchovy (Engraulis mordax) Distribution in the San Francisco Estuary
Speaker: Danielle Palm, Biological Science Technician

Talk: Best of both worlds: Leveraging open and closed sampling designs to expand sample size and correct for detection efficiency in Santa Ana River native fish surveys
Speaker: Brock Huntsman, Fish Biologist

Talk: Decline of Fishes in North America’s Oldest Lake
Speaker: Fred Feyrer, Research Fish Biologist

Talk: Development of a stream temperature model for the Santa Ana River, California, with application to Santa Ana Sucker conservation
Speaker: Marissa Wulff, Biologist

Talk: Development of nonintrusive video sampling methodologies to monitor sensitive species and habitat conditions within wadable streams
Speaker: Jordan Buxton, Biologist

Poster: Fish in the Yolo Bypass: Then, Now, and the Big Notch Future
Nicole Kwan (lead author), Environmental Scientist with California Department of Water Resources
Matt Young, Research Fish Biologist
Brock Huntsman, Fish Biologist

Talk: Pattern, Process, and Pomoxis: the role of Black Crappie and other understudied fishes in littoral food webs of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Speaker: Matt Young, Research Fish Biologist

Talk: Piscivory of Native Fishes Within the Santa Ana River, California
Speaker: Jeff Gronemyer, Biological Science Technician

Poster: Results from the post Carr Fire bioassessment, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Shasta County, California
Presenter: Marissa Wulff, Biologist

Talk: What happens when you bring the seasons back: food-web and fish responses to flow restoration
Speaker: Justin Clause, Biological Science Technician

Talk: What's going on down there? Observing fish during Delta Smelt experimental releases inferred from ARIS sonar
Speaker: Veronica Violette, Biological Science Technician


Learn more about the meeting by visiting the AFS Cal-Neva Chapter website.

Learn more about the USGS California Water Science Center Aquatic Ecology Group.

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