CFWSC Strategic Science Plan - Communication, Information Management, and Science Support

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The USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center Strategic Science Plan 2017-2027: A blueprint for USGS contributions to water resource science in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands

Stamm, J.F., Rodríguez, J.M., Sifuentes, D.F., Sumner, D.M., and Grimsley, K.J. with contributions from Bogeajis, N., Torres-González, S., McBride, W.S., Parks, J., and Decker, J.

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Communication, Information Management, and Science Support


The USGS Mission is to “provide reliable scientific information.” Scientific information without communication of the science is of little value. The ability of the CFWSC to manage and communicate science in a transparent manner is critical to accomplishing the Mission. The USGS functions under an "Open Data Policy" as required of Federal agencies by the Office of Management and Budget memorandum of May 9, 2013 on "Open Data Policy—Managing Data as an Asset" – this policy guides agencies to collect or create information in a way that supports downstream information processing and dissemination activities. This includes using machine readable and open formats, data standards, and common core and metadata for all new information creation and collection efforts. Furthermore, the February 22, 2013, Executive Office of the President - Office of Science and Technology Policy memorandum on "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research," requires public access to digital datasets resulting from federally funded research, including datasets used to support scholarly publications. Scientific data released by the USGS must be managed and distributed through a data system that can ensure the long-term preservation, discoverability, accessibility, and usability of the resource.

Specific avenues of communication of scientific information utilized by the CFWSC include:

  • USGS publication series – Scientific Information Reports, Scientific Information Maps, Fact Sheets, and Data Releases,
  • USGS database – National Water Inventory System (NWIS),
  • "Realtime" release of hydrologic data through NWIS Mapper,
  • Dissemination of USGS scientific information in publication outlets outside of the USGS (for example, journal articles),
  • CFWSC quarterly newsletter, webpage, and presentations in a variety of forums,
  • Staff participation in Technical Advisory Committees focused on specific water resource issues.
  • Interaction with project cooperators and stakeholders,
  • Interaction with the press – media interviews or press releases,
  • Interaction with academics – through consultation, cooperation, and graduate committees,
  • Outreach activities including Teach-ins at local primary schools or environmental festivals.