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Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership Tools Developed in Cooperation with U.S. Geological Survey

Web Tools

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Data Dashboard (Beta)

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Data Dashboard is an online tool that provides accessibility and visualization of data and technical information that can help guide water quality and watershed planning efforts.


Priority Agricultural Watersheds 2021

The Priority Agricultural Watersheds application displays the results of analyses aimed at identifying areas within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed where management interventions are likely to lead to the greatest water quality benefits within the Bay (bay benefits) and to local waters (local benefits). It leverages the USGS SPARROW model and the EPA ATTAINS tracking system to characterize catchments and HUCs throughout the Chesapeake watershed. (Story map)

This story map describes the methods for deriving the 2021 update to the Priority Agricultural Watersheds delineation.


Most Effective Basins and Underrepresented Communities (Story map)

EPA and the Chesapeake Bay Partnership have renewed their commitment and focus on inclusion and equity with regard to historically underrepresented communities, including communities of color and communities of lower socioeconomic status. EPA is focusing this additional funding allocation on those areas that have been identified as being most effective for improving water quality while targeting underrepresented communities.