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The USGS Chesapeake Bay studies interact with multiple USGS programs to meet their missions through funding projects that also meet the goals of Chesapeake Bay studies. USGS national programs fund both Bay-specific projects and national or regional projects where some of the activities are carried out within the Bay watershed and help address the Watershed Agreement goals.


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Ken Hyer, Ph.D.

Chesapeake Bay Associate Coordinator

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Geologist Kate Ackerman 508-457-2331
Supervisory Research Chemist David Alvarez, PhD 573-441-2970
Oceanographer Alfredo Aretxabaleta , PhD 508-457-2204
Hydrologist/Water Quality Specialist Scott Ator 443-498-5564
Research Geologist Larry B Barber, II 303-541-3039
Research Wildlife Biologist Alicia Berlin, Ph.D. 301-497-5730
Center Director Christopher Bernhardt, Ph.D. 703-648-6071
Emeritus Scientist John Karl Bohlke 703-648-6325
Deputy Director, Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division John Brakebill 443-498-5557
Research Hydrologist Martin A. Briggs 860-487-7402
Ext: 19
Hydrologic Technician David Brower 443-498-5547
Research Hydrologist (RGE) Douglas A Burns 518-285-5662
Emeritus Scientist Donald Cahoon, Ph.D. 301-497-5523
Research Ecologist Joel Carr, Ph.D. 443-695-0093
Water Quality Specialist/Biologist Douglas B. Chambers 304-347-5130
Ext: 231
Hydrologist Jeff G. Chanat 804-261-2618
Hydrologist John Clune, PhD 717-317-7226
Hydrologist James Colgin 717-730-6909
Research Oceanographer Salme Cook, PhD 508-457-2357
Senior Geologist Thomas Cronin, Ph.D. 703-648-6363
Oceanographer Zafer Defne, PhD 508-457-2254
Water Quality Specialist - Microbiologist Joe Duris 717-730-6930
Research Physical Scientist Meagan J. Eagle , PhD 508-457-2280
Hydrologist Rosemary Fanelli, Ph.D. 919-571-4036
Supervisory Research Ecologist Stephen Faulkner 304-724-4471
Groundwater Specialist / Science Support Unit Lead Brandon Fleming 717-730-6970
Supervisory Hydrologist Guy M. Foster 518-285-5694
Research Oceanographer Neil Kamal Ganju, PhD 508-457-2252
Geographer Stephanie Gordon 703-336-2793
Research Hydrologist Jennifer L Graham, Ph.D. 518-285-5706
Research Wildlife Biologist Evan Grant, Ph.D. 413-863-3823
Research Ecologist Glenn Guntenspergen, Ph.D. 218-788-2707
Physical Scientist Natalie C Hall
Research Physiologist Paula Henry, Ph.D. 301-497-5728
Geologist Emily A Himmelstoss 508-548-8700
Research Hydrologist Emeritus Robert M Hirsch 703-648-5888
Hydrologist Jessica Hopple 609-771-3950
Scientist Emeritus Cliff Hupp 703-648-5207
Chesapeake Bay Associate Coordinator Ken Hyer, Ph.D. 804-261-2636
Research Biologist Luke R Iwanowicz, Ph.D. 304-724-4550
Chief, Watershed Studies Section John D. Jastram 804-261-2648
Physical Scientist Daniel K Jones, MS 801-908-5010
Research Geographer John W Jones 703-994-3224
Research Ecologist Natalie Karouna-Renier, Ph.D. 301-497-5724
Biologist Jeni Keisman, Ph.D. 443-498-5565
Research Hydrologist Dana W Kolpin 319-358-3614
Ecologist Benjamin H Letcher 413-863-3803
Groundwater Status and Trends Coordinator Bruce Lindsey 717-730-6964
Hydrologist Kurt McCoy 804-261-2656
Physical Scientist Marina Metes 443-498-5576
Chief, Earth Systems Modeling Branch (acting) Matthew Miller 303-541-3048
Associate Director for Studies Douglas L. Moyer 804-261-2634
Science Advisor Peter Murdoch 518-285-5663
Supervisory Geographer Mark R Nardi 302-213-5057
Research Ecologist Gregory Noe 703-648-5826
Program Manager, Next Generation Water Observing Systems (acting) Brian Pellerin 703-648-6865
Quality Management System Specialist Patrick Phillips 518-285-5667
Chesapeake Bay Program Coordinator Scott Phillips 443-498-5552
Research Biologist Diann Prosser, Ph.D. 301-497-5914
Hydrologist/Groundwater Specialist Jeff P Raffensperger, Ph.D. 443-498-5542
Research Physiologist Barnett Rattner, Ph.D. 301-497-5671
Research Hydrologist Karen C. Rice, PhD 434-243-3429
Research Hydrologist Ward Sanford 703-648-5882
Hydrologist Noah Schmadel 928-699-5580
Economist Gregory E Schwarz 703-648-5718
EPA Hydrologist Gary Shenk 410-267-5745
Research Oceanographer Christopher Sherwood, PhD 508-457-2269
Integrated Water Prediction Program Manager (acting) Katherine Skalak 703-648-5435
Research Hydrologist Kelly Smalling 609-331-4850
Research Ecologist Craig D Snyder 304-724-4468
Research Hydrologist Jim Tesoriero 503-251-3202
Research Toxicologist Donald Tillitt, PhD 573-876-1886
Research Geologist Michael Toomey 703-648-6505
Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Assistant Unit Leader -- Research Fish Biologist Tyler Wagner, Ph.D. 814-865-4511
Research Fish Biologist Heather Walsh 304-724-4445
Oceanographer John Warner, PhD 508-457-2237
Hydrologist James Webber 804-261-2621
Research Microbiologist, Emeritus James Winton, Ph.D. 206-526-6587
Research Biologist John A Young 304-724-4469
Research Geographer Sara L Zeigler, Ph.D 508-457-2290
New Cumberland Office Chief for Hydrologic Networks and Investigations Tammy Zimmerman 717-730-6974