Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative Streamgage Database and Network Analysis

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Within the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative (SRLCC), streamflow information is needed for a wide variety of hydrologic conditions to understand streamflow in the context of ecological services, water availability and use, or water quality.

Streamflow and basin-characteristic data are needed for a variety of scientific and managerial applications, including estimation of flow in ungaged basins and hydro-ecological classification of rivers. These data are collected by a variety of organizations, usually on a state-by-state basis. The existing network of streamflow gaging stations within the SRLCC provides much useful data. However, because it is not feasible to operate gaging stations at all locations where planning, structure design, or water-management decisions will be made, resource managers, scientists, and stakeholders need a reliable means to project information from gaged to ungaged locations using standard statistical techniques. The spatial distribution and the lengths-of-record of the existing streamflow-gaging stations can affect how well the information from the gaged locations can be assumed to represent similar ungaged locations. The quality of such projections, in turn, affects how well the stream-gage network can support important research and management needs within the SRLCC.