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CDI FY23 Funded Projects

The Community for Data Integration supported 12 projects in FY23.

CDI annually funds projects that promote data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, and demonstrations of new technology. Awarded projects for FY23 are below, with links to the project page in the title.

Title Lead PI USGS Program
Increasing data accessibility by adding existing datasets and capabilities to a cutting-edge visualization app to enable cross-community use Itiya Aneece Western Geographic Science Center
Evaluation and recommendation of practices for publication of reproducible data and software releases in the USGS David Blodgett WMA - Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division
A Tool for Rapid-Repeat High-Resolution Coastal Vegetation Maps to Improve Forecasting of Hurricane Impacts and Coastal Resilience Kristin Byrd Western Geographic Science Center
ZenRiver Game Concept: Accelerating Creation of Machine Learning Imagery Training Datasets Using Citizen Science Frank Engel WMA - Observing Systems Division
Availability, Documentation, & Community Support for an Open-Source Machine Learning Tool Travis Gabriel Astrogeology Science Center
Linking Orphaned Oil & Gas Wells with Groundwater Quality Nick Gianoutsos Central Energy Resources Science Center
Extracting data from maps: applying lessons learned from the AI for Critical Mineral Assessment Competition Maggie Goldman Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center
Integrating stream gage records, water presence observations, and models to improve hydrologic prediction in stream networks  Konrad Hafen Idaho Water Science Center
Connecting with our Stakeholders - Developing a Better Understanding of Use and Usability for Science Products Dawn Kotowicz St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center
Informing the use of native plant materials in restoration and rehabilitation with the Native Plant Seed Mapping Toolkit Rob Massatti Southwest Biological Science Center
Automated accuracy and quality assessment tools (AQAT = “a cat”) for generalized geospatial data Lawrence Stanislawski Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science
Communicating Stream Fish Vulnerability to Climate Change Taylor Woods Eastern Ecological Science Center

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