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The March 8, 2023 CDI monthly virtual meeting will feature presentations on a real-time monitoring application to protect Indigenous community areas, an interactive time series viewer for geophysical data, and spotlight on the Inland Bathymetry Collaboration Area.

Join us at our monthly meeting on March 8, 2023 from 11:00am - 12:30pm Eastern Time.

The topics are:

  • CDI Project: Engaging Indigenous Communities to Co-Design a Real-time Monitoring Application to Protect their Socio-Cultural and Ecological Areas  - Saira Haider, USGS
  • CDI Project: An open-source interactive time series viewer for geophysical data  - Jared Peacock, USGS
  • Inland Bathymetry Collaboration Area - Phil Rufe, USGS

Find abstracts and more information, including how to join, on SharePoint or by joining the CDI mailing list.