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Nominations are open for the Community for Data Integration (CDI) Leadership and Innovation Award.


The Community for Data Integration (CDI) Leadership and Innovation Award is presented to a community member for outstanding leadership, innovation, and vision in guiding USGS data integration activities through the CDI community of practice. The award is meant to recognize an individual who brings new ideas to life and provides their unwavering leadership to produce tangible results that will improve data integration, access, and discovery.

Frequency: One award every two years

Deadline for nominations: February 15, 2023


This program applies to all USGS employees and other individuals involved with the USGS Community for Data Integration. Nominees must not have received the award previously.


The awardee actively seeks collaborative approaches, embraces new perspectives, and provides a high-energy forum to address on-the-ground data integration needs of the community. Through their leadership, the awardee’s contributions move the CDI, the USGS, and our partners forward towards a more integrated data landscape that ultimately advances our science.

Nomination and Selection Process

Any individual having sufficient knowledge of the contribution may submit a nomination to the CDI using this form or by emailing

A committee consisting of CDI facilitators reviews the nominees and makes a recommendation to the executive sponsors of the CDI, who make the final selection of the winner.

Evidence of the Award and Presentation

The award is presented at the CDI in-person meeting.

Past Awardees

2021 - Viv Hutchison

2019 - Keith Kirk

2017 - Rich Signell and Cassandra Ladino

2015 - Fran Lightsom

2012 - Linda Gunderson

2011 - Roland Viger and Heather Henkel

Contact with any questions.

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