National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN)

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Project Period: 2002-2008
Project Chief: Kathy Neitzert

Executive Summary

The National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN) program of the U.S. Geological Survey provides ongoing characterization of the concentrations and flux of sediment and chemicals in the Nation's largest rivers. The NASQAN program began in 1974, and the original network consisted of more than 500 stations sampled at monthly intervals. The only station in South Dakota currently sampled by the NASQAN program is the Missouri Riiver at Yankton (station 06467500). Water-quality data from this site are available on NWISWeb for samples collected from 1956 to present.


The objectives of the study are to provide long-term water-quality monitoring of the Missouri River at Yankton as part of a nationwide program. NASQAN project criteria are followed in collecting samples.