Asian Flyways Collaborative for Waterbirds (AFCoW)

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The Asian Flyways Collaborative for Waterbirds (AFCoW) is a collaborative group effort that brings together research scientists engaged in understanding waterbird ecology in Eastern Asia. Due to the complexity of waterbird biology and unique threats to their populations in East Asia, we have established a voluntary international network of collaborators to promote advanced studies of large-scale movement patterns as well as synthesis of “Big Data” to improve understanding of waterbird biology in the region. The role of the USGS researchers is to facilitate a process of scientific discovery that relies on the diverse perspectives and experiences of the participating partners and its international team members. 

Membership in AFCoW is completely free and voluntary without any obligations but with the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues. If you are interested in membership simply send an email to and you will be added to the group, or visit to learn more.  As part of this group you will have the opportunity to participate in an email ListServ to foster communications among researchers as well as our ongoing  AFCoW Webinar Series. In addition, we hope to facilitate meetings on waterbird movements in East Asia at stand-alone events or associated with upcoming conferences. Please use our email to centralize communications – for sharing research findings, providing suggestions to moderators, submitting field photos to be shared on this webpage, etc. We look forward to hearing from you!