Data and Project Management

Science Center Objects

The USGS and partner agencies maintain millions of datasets in many thousands of collections. Designing systems to document, catalog, analyze, and distribute these datasets requires expert computer science skills coupled with close coordination of data generators and users. To support these efforts, the Information Science Branch developed project tracking web applications that help Centers manage the full lifecycle of a project, from proposal to product archive. These applications capture and score proposals, track project progress, develop data management plans, capture developing products, and help researchers build project and dataset metadata.

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ScienceBase - Principal Investigator - John (Dell) Long

The Information Science Branch provides Agile project management, technical oversight, software research and development, and architectural support to the USGS ScienceBase project. ScienceBase provides a number of features that scientists can use to build data collections, share data through web services, and ensure these data are preserved for use by future researchers. The project involves core research on linked open data, vocabularies, repository services, security, code management, and handling of large datasets. ScienceBase addresses not only data integration activities, but also how to drive integration to intelligence. The ultimate goal of ScienceBase is to help researchers answer fundamental questions by providing connections among data, locations, and people.



National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center Tools - Principal Investigator - Tim Kern

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Information Science staff help the National Office and individual Climate Science Centers with a variety of project and data management activities, including storing, managing, and distributing datasets; building and maintaining metadata; discovering datasets; and delivering their data and metadata as Web services the various tools. These tools allow researchers to track projects, and the data that results from those projects, from inception to archive.