Tools and Techniques for Synthesizing Monitoring and Other Data

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Determining the best strategy for managing natural resources often requires a synthetic analysis describing the interactions among a multiplicity of ecosystem components and driving factors. However, comprehensive data sets are rarely collected to include all factors relevant to a given management decision. When data are obtained from multiple sources, they are often difficult to synthesize because they were not collected at the same time, in the same place, or over a long time series. Moreover, it may be necessary to incorporate expert opinion and hypotheses when data are not available. Finally, the ability to make predictions about the effects of potential management actions and climate change impacts is often required. Consequently, tools are needed to synthesize relationships developed from a variety of sources for multiple factors to address management information needs.


  • Synthesizing Vital Signs Data from Klamath & San Francisco Bay Area Networks: Analysis of Linkages & Trends in Climate, Streamflow, Vegetation, Salmon, and Ocean Conditions
  • Evaluating Climate-Change Effects on Sauk-Suiattle Tribal Natural Resources
  • Assessment of Land Treatments to Understand Vegetation and Wildlife Habitat Trajectories in the Great Basin