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Andrea Woodward

I am an emerita Biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey. During my career I studied the interaction between large herbivores (elk and mountain goats) and vegetation, and the effects of climate change on subalpine vegetation. I also worked on designing ecological monitoring programs and protocols; and incorporating climate change into natural resource management plans.

As an emerita scientist, I have been finishing up a few projects that were not completed before I retired. These included two papers with co-authors describing long-term data sets: 36 years of research on old-growth forest structure based on data from elk exclosures and 28 years of data on subalpine fir seedling survival, both in Olympic National Park. I also completed with co-authors an implementation guide for decision tools meant to incorporate climate change into management decisions made by the USDA Forest Service. I am currently working on updating a field guide to mosses, lichens, and liverworts of the Pacific Northwest. I remain very interested in the curious distribution of cottonwoods in Olympic National Park and may pursue that a bit more before calling it a career.

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