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Idaho Water Science Center


This page provides links to Idaho StreamStats, groundwater-flow models, and other software products.

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Date published: April 28, 2017

USGS StreamStats for Idaho

StreamStats is a Web application that incorporates a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide users with access to an assortment of analytical tools that are useful for a variety of water-resources planning and management purposes, and for engineering and design purposes.

Date published: August 22, 2016

MODFLOW-USG model of groundwater flow in the Wood River Valley aquifer system in Blaine County, Idaho

Model archive for Wood River Valley groundwater-flow model

Date published: August 22, 2016

wrv R package repository

The R package wrv is for processing the groundwater-flow model of the Wood River Valley (WRV) aquifer system, south-central Idaho. The groundwater-flow model is described in the associated model report and model archive. Included in the package is MODFLOW-USG version 1.3, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) computer code that solves the groundwater-flow equation.