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We invite you to connect with us if you have questions about our work or about how we can help you to better understand the water resources of Idaho. You can connect with us on social media, at our statewide locations, or by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Hydrologist Austin K Baldwin 208-387-1365
Center Director Roy C Bartholomay 208-526-2157
Idaho Water Science Center Coury Dorn
Hydrologist Scott Ducar 208-387-1323
Hydrologist Taylor Dudunake 208-387-1351
Assistant Director for Hydrologic Data David M Evetts 208-387-1316
Hydrologist Jason C Fisher 208-526-2438
Supervisory Hydrologist - Surface Water Specialist Ryan L Fosness 208-387-1319
Hydrologist Konrad Hafen 208-387-1300
Geologist Mary K V Hodges 208-526-2370
Hydrologist Stephen Hundt 208-387-1390
Hydrologist Megan Kenworthy 208-387-1324
Hydrologist Tyler King 208-387-1352
Deputy Center Director Christopher Mebane 208-387-1308
Public Information Officer Tim Merrick 208-387-1305
Chief, Idaho Falls Field Office Darrin Miller 208-541-0170
Hydrologist Daniel Murray 208-387-1342
Hydrologist Erin M Murray 208-387-1328
Hydrologist Kenneth D Skinner 208-387-1343
Hydrologist Paul Thomas 208-387-1354
Hydrologist Allison Trcka 208-526-0796
Hydrologist Kerri Treinen
Chief, Idaho National Laboratory Project Office Brian V Twining 208-526-2540
Hydrologist Amy Yoder 208-387-1330
Supervisory Hydrologist - Water-Quality Specialist Lauren M Zinsser 208-387-1309