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Come to Silicon Valley and work with USGS and NASA on the next generation of UAS

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In summer 2019, USGS Menlo Park relocated to historic quarters at Moffett Field, next to NASA Ames. The USGS National Innovation Center and National Land Imaging Program’s UAS Research (UASR) Center are partnering with NASA Ames Intelligent Systems Division for development and implementation of un-crewed aerial system technologies for science and exploration missions. The joint collaboration will help streamline implementation of next-generation technologies of mutual interest to both agencies, and bring new opportunities and capabilities to USGS and NASA. This jointly-funded pilot program will bring researchers to Silicon Valley to explore the application of cutting-edge science, engineering and technology to some of our Nation's biggest challenges.

The Center will be built around the two new research engineering positions, advertised in the table below below.  These new positions will work with NASA staff and other USGS UAS operations staff to:

  • Operationalize the next generation of sensors
  • Integrate these sensors with Department of the Interior (DOI) UAS fleet
  • Apply AI and other intelligent algorithms to efficiently collect sensor data
  • Use nearby NASA small UAS Autonomy Research Complex (NUARC) to test systems
  • Shepherd AFSRB permitting of new systems
  • Field test new systems
  • Deploy new systems to field for agreed upon critical missions

The staff engineer/technologist is a Bachelor's level position (GS-11, ~$75-$98k, depending on qualifications) for an individual with the personality and technical capability to interact with the broad cross-section of the NASA Ames and DOI UAS community. These interactions pave the way for the following leveraged benefits:

  • Accelerate AFSRB approval processes based at NASA Ames for emerging UAS
  • Use of NASA small UAS Autonomy Research Complex (NUARC), in collaboration with NASA Ames staff
  • Expose national USGS UAS staff to emerging technologies
  • Offer new development opportunities for our national UAS staff
  • Bring new connections to the UAS and sensor development community, including private industry
  • Bring new internal and external partnership opportunities into USGS and DOI
  • Leverage NASA UAS assets during times of disaster response (e.g., Kilauea)

In short, the UASR Center is intended to be a portal for the USGS UAS community to access emerging technologies, and to stay current with UAS developments at the Nation’s premier Federal UAS centers. By doing so, we expect to flow technology, and opportunities into USGS UAS practitioners around the Nation. The UASR Center is expected to work closely with operational detachments of USGS UAS. This allows field needs to be communicated to the Center, and opportunities to flow both ways.

The new UASR Center is administered by the USGS National Innovation Center, on behalf of the USGS National Land Imaging Program. For more information, or to support additional opportunities, please contact the USGS NIC Director Jonathan Stock (jstock@usgs.gov) or NLI staff Bruce Quirk (quirk@usgs.gov).

Employment Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Apply Here
Earth & Aeronautical Systems Engineer – Instrumentation Focus Moffet Field, CA Jonathan Stock (USGS) Apply here
Earth & Aeronautical Systems Engineer – Aeronautics Focus Moffet Field, CA Jonathan Stock (USGS) Coming Soon!