Fourth Federal UAS Workshop

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November 17 - 19, 2020 Virtual Workshop


Join us for our fourth workshop where we will focus on current opportunities and challenges to UAS in the National Airspace: 

While we await our next full meeting in 2021, this online event will showcase progress reports from Federal partners, new technology capabilities going forward in industry, standardization efforts, and growing the domestic UAS industry with Defense Innovation Unit. By approaching these challenges with a whole-of-Government team, we can leverage successes within our Agencies to accelerate our national UAS enterprise, and focus group resources on shared challenges and new opportunities.


4th Federal UAS workshop logo

Logo for the 4th Federal UAS Workshop

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UAS pilot prepares to fly a multigas survey at Kīlauea Volcano

USGS UAS Pilot Sandy Brosnahan prepares to fly multigas survey at Kilauea Volcano summit. 

(Credit: Chris Holmquist-Johnson, USGS. Public domain.)



Tuesday, November 17

Theme 1: Federal Agency Focused Updates 

Speakers from Federal Agencies below will update the audience on national UAS resources, operational challenges and upcoming opportunities for collaboration. 




Wednesday, November 18

Theme 2: Brief Updates on high-altitude, long endurance UAS

Our speakers explore developing UAS missions to the stratosphere  



Theme 3: Emerging new technologies

Selected topics on new sensors, new platforms and new tools  






Thursday, November 19

Bramor C4EYE drone on launcher ready for takeoff.

A Bramor C4EYE drone built by C-Astral Aerospace on catapult launcher ready for takeoff. This is an example of drones available on DOI’s “Call When Needed” contract to support the 2018 wildfire season. 

(Courtesy: C-Astral Aerospace)

Theme 4: Standards to accelerate the national UAS enterprise

Our speakers explore how standards for UAS components and operations can accelerate the UAS enterprise 



Theme 5: Re-shoring our UAS industry to serve the Federal community

AUVSI hosts a conversation on achieving NDAA compliant domestic UAS industry