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The Powell Center is pleased to announce six new working groups beginning in FY23. These projects were ranked by the Science Advisory Board and reflect the highest quality science, breadth, depth, and relevance reflective of the mission of the USGS.

Synthesis Leaders Full Title USGS Mission Areas Co-Sponsors

Jeffrey McGuire, Andy Barbour (United States Geological Survey)

Zhongwen Zhan (California Institute of Technology)

Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Zack J. Spica (University of Michigan)

Fiber Optic Seismology for Earthquake Hazards Research, Monitoring and Early Warning

Hazards, Core Science Systems, Enterprise Information

National Science Foundation Division of Earth Sciences and Division of Ocean Sciences programs

Sara Zeigler and Davina Passeri (United States Geological Survey Saint Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center)

Erika Lentz (United State Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center)

Beyond waves and shifting sand: considering ecosystem processes in forecasts of coastal
landscape change

Ecosystems, Natural Hazards

National Science Foundation Geomorphology and Land-Use Dynamics and Population and Community Ecology Cluster programs

Erick Burns (United States Geological Survey)

Maciej R. Kłonowski (Polish Geological Institute)

Cornelia Steiner (Geological Survey of Austria)

Yu-Feng Lin (Illinois State Geological Survey)

Renewable Resilience: City-Scale Geothermal Energy Everywhere

Energy and Minerals

Energy and Minerals

Jason Stockwell (University of Vermont)

Stephanie Figary (Cornell University)

Michael Meyer (United States Geological Survey)

Rachel Pilla (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Synthesizing patterns and drivers of changes in lake zooplankton community dynamics worldwide



Gabrial Senay (United States Geological Survey)

Joshua Fisher (Chapman University)

Kosana Suvocarev (University of California-Davis)

Lixing Wang (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Towards an Integrated Understanding of Terrestrial Evapotranspiration

Water, Ecosystems

Critical Zone Collaborative Network Hub

Matthias Sprenger (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Pamela Sullivan (Oregon State University)

John Nimmo (United States Geological Survey)

Tianfang Xu (Arizona State University)

Using a network of networks for high-frequency multi-depth soil moisture observations to
infer spatial and temporal drivers of subsurface preferential flow


Critical Zone Collaborative Network Hub

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