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FY24 Scheduled Working Groups

Schedule of FY24 Working Groups

  • November 6-10- Status of Butterflies 
  • January 8-12- Tsunami Source Synthesis
  • January 22-26- Global Evapotranspiration
  • February 4-9- Global Drought Effects
  • February 19-23- City-scale Geothermal Energy
  • March 5-9- Fiber Optic Seismology
  • March 11-15- Peer Support Worker Workshop
  • April 8-12- Time-Dependent Decisions
  • April 22-26- Great Lakes Groundwater 
  • May 6-10- Topographic Change 
  • May 20-24- C4 Photosynthesis
  • June 10-14- Synthesizing Stream Datasets
  • June 24-28- Preferential Flow
  • August 5-9- Dynamic Coastal Change
  • August 19-24- Ecosystem Stability Drivers
  • September 8-12- Worldwide FreshH20 Zoops

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