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Agenda - 5th Federal UxS Workshop

Our first day will showcase reports and posters from Federal partners exploring research and operational flights over the last two years. Day 2 will explore new platform and sensor technologies, with an afternoon devoted to breakout sessions on wildfire, rebuilding our Federal fleets, Standards, and other user-proposed topics. Day 3 will focus on domestic UAS. 

AGENDA - 5th Federal UxS Workshop 


TUESDAY, September 13 - All times in Pacific Time

07:30-08:30        Registration, Coffee, Mount Posters

08:15-08:30        Welcome Back and Logistics, Matthew Fladeland, NASA; Jonathan Stock, USGS

08:30-08:45        Keynote welcome, Dr. Jay Bookbinder, NASA Ames

Theme 1: Federal Agency Focused Updates

Speakers from Federal Agencies below will update the audience on national UAS resources, operational challenges and upcoming opportunities for collaboration.

08:45-9:00           Abhay Borade, NASA: Prototype Federal UAS Flight Test  

09:00-09:30        Jeffrey Homola, Jaewoo Jung, NASA Aeronautics: Upper Class E Traffic Management R&D Update

09:30-09:45        Travis Potter, FEMA: UAS for Disaster Operations

09:45-10:00        Paul Hemmick, NOAA: UAS Operations at NOAA

10:00-10:30        Refreshment Break

10:30-10:45        Matt Fladeland, NASA Science: Recent UAS Missions in Support of NASA Science

10:45-11:00        Klay Bendle, Defense Innovation Unit: UAS Projects 

11:00-11:15         Jason Kirkpatrick, USACE: UAS at US Army Core of Engineers

11:15-11:30         Christian Carrizales, Air Force Research Lab: Air-Launched Off-Board Operations

11:30-11:45         Jason Tomlinson, DOE: UAS Operations in Support of The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program

11:45-12:00         Brian Gullett, EPA: EPA Applications of UAS to Measure Gas and Particle Emissions 

12:00-13:30        Lunch Onsite 

13:30-13:45        Colin Milone, DOI: DOI Policy Update

13:45-14:00        Dirk Giles, USFS: US Forest Service UAS Program Update

14:00-14:15        Jonathan Stock, USGS: Experimental Use of UAS at USGS 

14:15-15:30        Natalie Adams, USBR; Scott Bishaw, FWS; Lance Brady, USGS; Lukus Monette, OSM:  DOI Panel

15:30-17:30        Poster Session, Collaboration Hour 



Wednesday, September 14

07:30-08:30        Registration, Coffee, Mount Posters

08:15-08:30        Welcome and logistics, Matt Fladeland and Jonathan Stock     


Theme 2: Emerging New UxS Technologies - Next-Generation Science Use Cases from the Last Several Years

08:30-08:50       Paul Hemmick, NOAA: UAS in the Hurricane Environment 

08:50-09:10       Brian Gullett, EPA: Measuring Emissions from Plumes  

09:10-09:30       Angie Dieffenbach, USGS; Jack Elston, Black Swift: BVLOS over an Alaskan Volcano

09:30-09:50       Carl Legleiter, USGS; Uland Wong, NASA Ames: Non-Contact Surface Velocity

09:50-10:10       Kristen Manies, USGS: Measuring Gas Fluxes from UAS

10:10-10:30       Brooke Medley, NASA Goddard: Vanilla MALE UAS with Snow Radar

10:30-10:50       Refreshment Break

10:50-11:10        Peter Boveng, NOAA: A System for BVLOS Monitoring of Seals and Sea Lions in the Remote Western Aleutian Islands

11:10-11:30         Jim Neilan, NASA Langley: Cloud Science Data Collection Using the Black Swift S2 and CICADA Swarm Gliders

11:30-11:50        Sam Prager, JPL/Caltech: DARTS Project InSAR 

11:50-13:30        Lunch Onsite


Theme 3: Breakouts Sessions

13:30-15:30        Concurrent Breakout Sessions with Leads 


1. Post-Wildfire Mapping with UAS (Fireside)  

Karin Hollerbach, California Civil Air Patrol; Craig Thompson, DOI; Tamara Wilson, USGS

2. Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Training Exercises for Disaster Response (Mezzanine Room)  

Joey Mercer, NASA; Travis Potter, FEMA

  •      FEMA State-Local Tribal Territorial UAS TrainingTravis Potter, FEMA
  •      Traffic Management of Disaster AirspaceJoey Mercer, NASA

3. Successful UxS Data-Processing Workflows (North Wing Room)

  •      UAS LiDAR Sensors, Considerations, and Processing WorkflowsMatt Burgess, USGS
  •      UAS Multi and Hyperspectral Radiometric Sensor Calibration Victoria Scholl, USGS
  •      UAS Data Management & Data ArchiveBrent Johnson, USGS
  •      From Project to Archive: BLM's EXIF & Metadata Process - Jake Slyder, BLM

4. Emerging Sensors for UAS-Borne Science (Ballroom)  

Elizabeth Hyde, Isaac Anderson, USGS

  •      In-Situ and Non-Contact Gas and Particulate Sensors - Laura Iraci & Jonathan Chiew, NASA; Kristen Manies, USGS; John Dykema, Harvard
  •     InSAR for Surface Deformation - Lauren Wye, Aloft; David Long, Artemis; Sam Prager, JPL DARTS Project InSAR

  •     Radiation Detectors for MappingKai Vetter, UC Berkeley  

  •     Radar and PIV for Non-Contact Surface Velocities Jack Eggleston, Carl Legleiter, Paul Kinzel & Cian Dawson, USGS

  •     Soil Moisture and Snow Depth - Mahta Moghaddam, USC

5. Tribal Opportunities (Macon Room)

John "JC" Coffey, Executive Director, Unmanned Systems Cherokee Nation & Founder of the Unmanned Systems Tribal Interest Group

  •      Cherokee Nation, Tribal UxS Interest Group Update, FAA Integrated Pilot Program and the FAA Re-Authorization Act - Tribal Inclusion - John "JC" Coffey
  •      GIS/UAS Training to Native American Students and Tribes within SIPI’s Geospatial Information Technology Program - Dennis Dye: BIE-sponsored
  •      ESRI Tribal Support - GIS & Story Boarding - Lain Graham, Ph.D., RPA, ESRI Senior Solution Engineer, Government Health & Sciences - Tribes, USDA, DOI 
  •      AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP) for Tribal Training and Certification - Scott Shtofman, AUVSI 
  •      FEMA UAS Future & Tribal Opportunities - Travis Potter, FEMA IV

15:30-16:30        Concurrent Breakout Sessions with Leads  

6. Models for Approving Federal UAS Acquisition (Space Bar) 

Jason Kirkpatrick & Jennifer Laird, USACE; J.C. Coffey, Unmanned Systems Cherokee Nation; DIU; Isaac Anderson & Jonathan Stock, USGS 

7. Operational Standards for UAS Data (North Wing Room)  

Travis Potter, FEMA;  Don Sullivan, NASA; Brent Johnson, USGS 

15:30-17:30        Poster Session Continues, Collaboration Hour


Thursday, September 15 – AUVSI

Theme 4: Domestic UAS

08:30-08:45        Opening Remarks - JC Coffey and Michael Wilbur, AUVSI 

08:45-09:30        Emerging Domestic Resource Base - Michael Wilbur, AUVSI; Aaron Pierce, Pierce Aerospace; AC Charania, Reliable Robotics; Scott Newbern, AeroVironment

09:30-09:45        Safe UAS Operations - Michael Wilbur, AUVSI 

09:45 - 10:15       Refreshment break

10:15-10:30         AUVSI Advocacy Brief - Scott Shtofman, AUVSI 

10:30-10:45         Uncrewed Systems Robotics Resource - Scott Shtofman, AUVSI; Wyatt Wolsey, Lone Wolf Logistics 

10:45-11:00         Closing Remarks - Michael Wilbur, AUVSI 

11:30-13:00         Lunch onsite