Groundwater Monitoring in the Espanola Basin Piezometers

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In 1996, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the City of Santa Fe, and the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer began a drilling program to install specialized monitoring wells in the Espanola basin. The purpose of the program is to monitor hydraulic head at specific depths in the aquifer. Most of these specialized wells, called piezometers, are located in areas between major water-production wells so that data collected are more representative of general conditions in the aquifer rather than conditions influenced primarily by the daily on-and-off cycles of the production wells. Because hydraulic head varies vertically as well as horizontally throughout the aquifer system, piezometers are completed at different depths, typically in groups of three. Hydraulic head is monitored by continuously measuring the depth to water in each piezometer and recording a measurement every hour. To ensure the accuracy of the recording device, measurements are made by hand every 4 to 8 weeks using steel or electric tape. 

Espanola Wells Map, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

Espanola Wells Map, USGS New Mexico Water Science Center

(Public domain.)

Comparison of water levels from year to year can show trends in water-level decline or recovery in the aquifer system. Data from each piezometer in the network are viewable by way of the links listed below. Data for individual sites can be obtained by selecting the site number below.


353348106025101  15N.08E.1.123A Jail Well Deep Piezo

353348106025102  15N.08E.1.123B Jail Well Middle Piezo

353348106025103  15N.08E.1.123C Jail Well Shallow Piezo

353824106040901  T16N.R08E.2.343A NMOSE County Well-Deep Piez

353824106040902  T16N.R08E.2.343B NMOSE County Well-Middle Piez

353824106040903  T16N.R08E.2.343C NMOSE County Well-Shallow Piez

353825105594701  16N.09E.04.334A NMOSE Fairgrounds Deep Piezometer

353825105594702  16N.09E.04.334B NMOSE Fairgrounds Mid Piezometer

353825105594703  16N.09E.04.334C NMOSE Fairgrounds Shallow Piez.

353945105574501  17N.09E.35.1314A Santa Fe 1 Deep Piezo

353945105574502  17N.09E.35.1314B Santa Fe 1 Middle Piezo

353945105574503  17N.09E.35.1314C Santa Fe 1 Shallow Piezo

354056106215801  17N.05E.24.344 DOME ROAD

354228106044901  T17N.R08E.15.233A Las Campanas Deep Piezo

354228106044902  T17N.R08E.15.233B Las Campanas Middle Piezo

354228106044903  T17N.R08E.15.233C Las Campanas Shallow Piezo

354321105573701  T17N.R09E.11.124A Archery Range Deep Piezo

354321105573702  T17N.R09E.11.124B Archery Range Middle Piezo

354321105573703  T17N.R09E.11.124C Archery Range Shallow Piezo

354731106072001  T18N.R08E.17.111A Buckman Well Deep Piezo

354731106072002  T18N.R08E.17.111B Buckman Well Middle Piezo

354731106072003  T18N.R08E.17.111C Buckman Well Shallow Piezo

355000106092802  19N.07E.36.3113 SF-2B

355000106092803  19N.07E.36.3113 SF-2C

355120105593901  19N.09E.28.121 Cuyamungue Deep Piezometer

355120105593902  19N.09E.28.121A Cuyamungue Shallow Piezometer


Links to data from manually measured wells

355002106093701  Santa Fe 3 A

355002106093702  Santa Fe 3 B

355002106093703  Santa Fe 3 C

355003106094301  Santa Fe 4 A

355003106094302  Santa Fe 4 B

355003106094303  Santa Fe 4 C

355006106094802  Santa Fe 5 B

355006106094803  Santa Fe 5 C