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At the time this historic photograph was taken in 1911, Blackfoot Glacier encompassed the current Jackson Glacier. By 1939, Blackfoot Glacier's recession had resulted in two distinct glaciers, Jackson and Blackfoot. This photo pair shows glacial recession and successive vegetation growth along Jackson Glacier's terminus.

Please respect the photographer: When using these photographs, please credit the photographer and source (eg. T.J. Hileman, courtesy of Glacier National Park Archives). The paired images at the top of this page are examples of proper crediting for each photo. Please contact for high resolution versions of images below.

Jackson Glacier animation
Jackson Glacier 1911
Jackson Glacier 1911. Images that were acquired from the University of Montana may be protected by copyright. Permission may be required for use. View the image's collection record for more info and download options: ID: 486.IX.068.050
Jackson Glacier 2009
Jackson Glacier 2009.Public domain